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Toaster is an app that prioritizes your mental well-being by consolidating all the discount information from multiple stores so you won’t be bombarded with spam notifications.


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Toaster is grounded in the idea that less is more. Everyday users are overwhelmed by emails and in-app notifications that call for their attention. Sometimes important information can slip by because users no longer pay attention to all the messages.

Toaster aims to help users by bringing all the stores' discount information into one platform.

Grocery shopping is a necessary evil that nobody can escape from. Unless you are one of the lucky ones that has a butler to do all your bidding (or better yet, you are a kid), you are stuck with purchasing groceries every week.

Let's meet our users Karen, Steve and Yuto.


Shoppers who want to find discount from their favourite stores can’t keep track of, or pay attention to discounts because they receive so many notifications.


Typical experience of a user who has multiple ways of finding out about discounts.

Receiving paper fliers ranked as the most popular method for following deals because it was often the only option offered by the stores.

How do you keep track of the discounts a
When you shop, what factors do you consi

Users ranked quality of the products and distance as the most important factor in shopping.

When asked how likely they were to use an app that helps them find the best deals while grocery shopping, 50% of the users answered "very likely". 

How likely would you use an app that hel

Despite having access to multiple different sources to discover discounts, users often missed out on deals because:

  • they learned about the discounts too late. 

  • they were tired of receiving too many emails and stopped paying attention to them. 

  • or they couldn't keep track of the discounts.

How might we help users keep track of, and effectively utilize multiple different stores’ discounts?

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Word mapping for Toaster.

To reduce the amount of stress for users looking for valid deals, I designed Toaster to:

  • compare stores in the user's area in real time.

  • include a grocery list feature, allowing the app to arrange the best deals that match the list.

  • sort the grocery stores by distance, amount of money saved, or number of deals they offer.

  • create a profile and keep track of how much the user has saved.

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Process for users who use the Toaster app to find discounts.

From finding the best discounts to saving money—stress free

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