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Emily is an Ochapowace counsellor specializing in trauma, intergenerational impacts, and substance affected counselling for Indigenous Peoples. She did not have a website where she could showcase her work experience, share her contact information, or write articles.


Emily Henry Consulting



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UFV alumna Emily Henry has built a career on designing programs to help Indigenous Peoples in the federal corrections system. For her leadership role in introducing treatment programs influenced by Indigenous cultural beliefs and practices, the University of the Fraser Valley is recognized Henry as its Distinguished Alumni award winner for 2017.

Typical process for Emily's clients when she did not have a website.

Emily wanted her clients to feel connected to their Indigenous culture. She also wanted her clients to easily set up appointments.

How might we help Emily's clients recognize that Emily focuses on Indigenous healing? And how might we make it easy for Emily's clients set up appointments?

The biggest challenge was to represent Indigenous Peoples in accurate, respectful and sensitive way. Because I am not an Indigenous person, and because there are so many unique Indigenous cultures, I made sure to learn how to appropriately represent them from Emily.

Many iterations of paper prototypes were used to refine and solidify the key features.

To make it easier for both Emily and her clients to set up an appointment, I included two core features to the website. One was a FAQ page where her clients could find out about Emily's counselling practice, and the other was an online appointment form.

I also included a blog where Emily could add content whenever she wished.


Based on my own research and the images Emily shared with me, blue, red, yellow and green were the main colours representing Indigenous cultures. Because certain graphic elements could be associated with a specific Indigenous band, I decided to steer clear of detailed imageries of animals or patterns.

Curves were used to represent friendliness and nature.

New process for Emily's clients since she got the website.

From learning about Emily to setting up an appointment—stress free

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