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Career Services

Career Services is a department within BCIT’s Student Association (BCITSA). Unlike all other departments, the Career Services did not have a distinct logo.





User Research

Visual Design

UI/UX Design




BCITSA's Career Services supports students during their studies at BCIT and helps them transition to the work force. Career Services' resources range from workshops and one-on-one appointments with a specialist to events and career fairs. 

Career Services already had some brand identity. They were using Lato and five distinct colours in their promotional materials. They also had a tagline, “meet learn connect”.

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They wanted help creating a distinct, memorable logo. Their existing one was a simple wordmark based on BCITSA’s logo.

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Career Services wanted a wordmark logo, because they believed abstract symbols or shapes would have difficulties in brand establishment and recognizability.


Some of the words used by the Career Services team to describe themselves were

  • connector

  • helpful

  • customized

  • link to the industry

  • bridge to the outside world

How might we let BCIT students know that Career Services connects them to employers, opportunities and their potential?

Career Services wanted their logo to be professional yet approachable, and simple yet recognizable. It was essential to create a clean logo that wouldn't appear cold nor childish.

Many iterations were done to explore themes related to connection, help, and guidance.

From having no distinct logo to leaving a lasting impression on students—stress free

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