New Voices

TEDxEmilyCarrU is an independently organized TED event, operated under a license from TED, featuring local ideas in the form of short talks with the mission of “ideas worth spreading.” Modelled after the TED format, TEDx events consist of a series of short, carefully prepared talks, demonstrations, and performances on a wide range of subjects.


TEDxEmilyCarrU's theme for 2020 was "New Voices". One of the deliverables our team had in mind was to release teaser ads on social media to stir public interest and to introduce each speaker and their theme. I wondered what the best way to represent the ideas would be, and decided to create GIFs that would succinctly show each presentation.


Aside from the motion graphics, I also created print materials that followed strict brand visual identity, and attended meetings to discuss event budget, deliverables and important deadlines.

To learn more about TEDxEmilyCarrU, visit their instagram here.


Motion Graphics